“Life and Legends”, published by the “Silent River Film and Literary Society” is a non-profit organization registered in the state of California, USA.

Life and Legends, primarily a poetry journal in English also publishes other forms of literature such as prose, translation, non-fiction, video and sound of literary interest from across the world. Our focus is to share diversity in literature by publishing international writings in English, or translated into English from other languages. We provide opportunities to newer writers, alongside publishing the works of the living legends.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT – Moving forward, we are not accepting unsolicited materials for publication anymore. This is only to stay true to our mission of publishing international literature in English, or translated into English, not limited to a writer’s ethnic or racial identity. We are also going to focus more on publishing poetry than prose. We encourage all writers and poets to send their proposals (indicating what kind of material they would like to submit), with their introduction, and the links of their sample work for consideration, before submitting their unpublished work to us. If you want to send us a prose piece, or translation of a prose piece in English, please indicate, what kind of prose work you want us to consider for publication, before sending your work.

We request all writers to take a look at the previous editions of Life and Legends and read our submission guidelines carefully, before submitting their work. We DO NOT follow up, if you have NOT submitted your work according to our guidelines. However, we advise you to contact us, if you have followed the guidelines, but haven’t heard back from us in six to eight weeks.


Life and Legends publishes solicited works of literature and art.

If you are submitting poetry, please send us up to five poems with your abridged bio (all on one doc.) and a photo in JPEG format (attached separately from the doc.), addressed to the editor of Life and Legends via e-mail. All materials must be submitted at one time, and sent to –

If your poems are works of translation, please submit the poems in their original language (with their English translations), along with the bio and picture of BOTH poet and translator.

Authors must own the copyrights of their works, and translations must be approved by the author (or their agents/agencies), whose work has been translated and submitted to Life and Legends for publishing, unless the work is in the public domain. We DO NOT contact agents or publishers to obtain permission on behalf of our writers and translators. Life and Legends can not be held responsible for publishing a work of art or literature, that is not submitted according to our guidelines.

We DO NOT accept any literary work that is already published online (in any form), except e-books. Please advise the status of your work (as published or unpublished) below each item submitted to Life and Legends.

All literary works must be submitted on ONE doc (not separately / and not  in the body of an e-mail), with the author’s name, bio and contact info, such as email and mailing address. All pictures must be attached separately in JEPG format.

Acceptable font – Time New Roman. Font size – 12 point.

Due to technical difficulties and time limitations, we won’t be able to custom design (fonts or style) of any art or literary work on demand.

It may take us up to 6 months or more to publish a work accepted by Life and Legends. Therefore, we do allow simulations submission, but request the writers to inform us, if their work is already published elsewhere, before they appear in Life and Legends.

All submissions must be e-mailed to –

For other inquiries, please contact –


“Life and Legends” is a non-profit journal. Therefore, we are unable to pay our writers, editors and artists for their contributions. But we acknowledge and give due recognition to your published work.

Artists, Authors and Translators retain the copyrights of their work. “Life and Legends” may re-publish their work entirely, or in a form of excerpts in its future editions (online or in print), and mention them in a relevant context, such as, for the purpose of review and promotion of the magazine elsewhere.
While we fully support freedom of expression, we also respect the sensibilities of all sections of our readers. We will, therefore, be unable to accept poems, stories or review of the books with political or religious overtones (not including human right issues and other universal concerns that are important to us). We also do not accept any literary work with explicit adult content or language, as this magazine is read by the people of all age group worldwide.

We may publish all kinds of literary works to celebrate artistic freedom and creativity, but the views and opinions expressed by the authors are strictly their own. Life and Legends, may not necessarily share or support these views and opinions.

Thank you!


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