Wendy Videlock

Wendy Videlock.


Wendy Videlock is the author of the chapbook What’s That Supposed to Mean (2010) and the full-length collections The Dark Gnu and Other Poems 7 (2013) and Nevertheless(2011). Known for poems that evoke myth, fairy tale, and the natural world, Videlock has also received praise for her deft command of meter. In an interview with the Colorado Poets Center, Videlock noted that, for her “the iamb is really just another of the many natural pulsings of the earth.” A regular contributor to Poetry,Videlock lives with her husband and children in western Colorado.


Dear Friends,

Here lie the dreams we put to rest.
And there, the things we meant to say.
Further on, those bits of faith.

Mindless things, they bore no pain,
and easily went to their graves.
It’s we who are not quite the same.

(first appeared in Hudson Review)


If You’ve Been Known

If you’ve been known
to pause where there is music,
if you pocket little stones,
if you’re with a thousand people
and you feel that you’re alone,

if you’ve discovered a thread,
and a kite has brought you the moon,
then you are of the dappled clan,
and we have been waiting for you.

(from The Dark Gnu)


The Great Train

Monnie across the street believes
She’s travelling in a great train
And traveling far;

Tonight she dines in the dining car,
The meat is sweet
but the soup is thick and tastes

a little bit like tar,
all the same, you come too,
she softly croons, patting my hand

while through the glass her gaze remains
on the changing plains, the clearing rain,
the stars, the stars, the stars.

(first appeared in Think Journal)




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