Babylone Bis: Sandra Zemor


Babylone Bis from Sandra Zemor on Vimeo.


Babylone Bis: A poem by Sandra Zemor

Music: Tejan Karefa

Babylone Bis 

It was white above
endless peace
then she was hurt

She lost her husband
I lost my child too

It was blood
it was black
the old story
on the road of exile

now our land is red
red ….

I changed my name
to be a soldier
to reach the sky

​If God is a big architect
then Massada resists

​Now our land is red

No house to hide
its all black
bullets and iron
no house to hide
days are nights

Now the sea is blue
every morning to spleat it

before the last dawn
it must be
the only way
to recognise YOu

It is Babylone Bis
and the land is blue …blue…

Before the last dawn
it must be the only way
to recognize you

​It’s Babylone Bis
and our land is blue​

Sarah SZ