Smeetha Bhoumik


Smeetha Bhoumik is a poet, artist and the Founder of Women Empowered-India, a poetic forum for sharing ideas. Her recent poetry features in literary journals like Muse India, Indian Review, Neesah and will form part of an international anthology titled ‘Writing Language, Culture and Development, Africa Vs Asia Volume 1 Anthology’; and has also been selected by the Sahitya Academy for an anthology. Her art has shown in ten solo and forty five group shows in India and abroad, including the Oxford International Art Fair 2015, 2014, the Miami International Art Fair,2012, Red Dot Miami, the India Art Festival 2011, Barcelona International Art Fair 2013 among others, receiving two special recognition awards at international juried exhibitions. She has also shown her art at the Parallax Art Fair, London (Feb 2013), the India Art Festival, Mumbai (Nov 2011), Academy of Fine Art, Kolkata (Jan 2012).



It was a quiet evening
a little rain.
No, no metaphors,
or tears
just rain,
simple, runaway, plain,
some tea.

The cup rattled a bit though,
as a storm brewed
in its leaves;
thunder clapped its hands in glee
and the curtains shook
in the wild breeze
that rushed in.
Eloquent glimpses

of an elaborate charade, cloak & dagger
notions – all tangled illusions!
Wading in, tried to dismantle
outer reaches first, smug things that
hinder, separate, polarize, precipitate

from an opal sky, its stars alien lands so far away from home;
Home? Trapped debris of a shelter long gone…
Smashed it too….came out and saw You standing on the extinct doorstep,
all thresholds bared, my mouth agape, Your Formless form
studded with a billion stars!

Good to be alive
heart beating
thud thud boom boom
You still there?
You there…  ?

‘No I am not…. it is your imagination speaking!’

Sound of laughter…

I smile,
the tea is still surprisingly warm.

Waves of Love

Across the oceans and over the seas
Love comes swelling in tumultuous waves,
it sieves
the light up through the heart
and calls out to the earth
to come, bare its soul
on its beautiful beach!

O love!

All flesh & blood be the dark wood
of boats bobbing up and down
its high tides, low ebbs,
its debris
of lost yesterday’s in found tomorrows
either rejoicing
or tossed aside
in stormy seas that neither care
nor cease,

O love!

But there’s wonder enough to drown
even the most engulfing darkness thrown
in glorious upheavals
of somnolent calls
to freedom, to own,
oneself, beyond all.

O love!

In darkness too we glimmered, smiling softly
when the light came out we looked up to the sun,
grateful, happy, wondering
where the night had gone!



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