Sanaz Davoodzadeh Far: Translated by Fereshteh Vaziri Nasab

Sanaz Davoodzadehfar

Sanaz Davoodzadeh Far

Sanaz Davoodzadeh Far is an Iranian poet, writer and theater artist. She is the author of I Walk on a Dead Word. Her work has been widely published and her poetry has been translated into English, German, Arabic, Turkish, Swedish, Kurdish and French.


Fereshteh Vaziri Nasab

Fereshteh Vaziri Nasab is an Iranian poet, writer and translator. Born in 1959 in Kerman, she studied physics and English literature and taught at different universities in Iran. She migrated to Germany in 2001. She wrote her dissertation at Goethe University to receive her PhD degree in 2008. She started her artistic career by acting in a play by Berthold Brecht in 1979, when she was a student. She also directed her own play and performed in different cities in Germany. In addition to directing and playing roles in theater, she has translated plays, short stories and poems from English and German into Persian. Her articles, short stories and poems have been published in several literary magazines in Iran. Her recent work includes her two poetry collections and a play named “Homeland was no Pansy.”


Extracts from “Walk on a Dead Word”


The peace
Was too tired to think.
It lighted a cigarette,
Lay down on a leather sofa
And tried to forget the whole world.
A bit later,
It fell asleep
Like a little child.

خسته تر از آن بود که فکر می کرد
سیگاری روشن کرد
روی مبلی چرمی دراز کشید
سعی کرد جهان را فراموش کند
کمی بعد
چون کودکی خردسال
خوابش برد



To die standing
Is a far-fetched dream
It’s years now
That trees are born horizontal

ایستاده مردن
آرزویی ست دور
سال ها ست درختان
افقی زاده می شوند


Life is
So great a disaster
That nothing else
Can be a disaster.

زندگی آنقدر فاجعه است
که دیگر
هیچ چیزی
فاجعه نیست


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