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Ram Krishna Singh, born, brought up and educated in Varanasi, India, is a university professor with active interest in poetry and English language teaching. He has authored more than 160 research articles, 170 book reviews and 39 books. His recent books are – a tanka-haiku collection God Too Awaits Light (2017)  and Writing, Editing and Publishing: A Memoire (2017)

Many of his poems have been translated into Italian, Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish, Greek, Crimean Tatar, German, Portuguese, Bangla, Hindi, Punjabi etc. His latest collection, I am No Jesus and Other Selected Poems, Tanka and Haiku, recently appeared from Romania. Dr Singh is currently Professor of English at Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, India.



Random flames in colors
meld unnamed images of fire
freezing on the kitchen walls
the soot thickens solitude

with dimming watery eyes
and asthmatic mantra
mother offers homa
each day and night
but no Agni is pleased



Rheumatic walking
the crippling lumbar crisis
they pity and pass

the waiting sun
at the naked tree’s corner
my hazy vision

managing to survive
with repair and maintenance
ageing road

revives the dying nerves
her momentary smile in sleep–
I walk again



To win elections
they sponsor chaos chanting
Modi  Modi
kill tongues that utter dissent
or oppose foolishness

in the name of Ram
cow, love-jehad, reform
close all windows
making dysfunctional
the holy constitution

with small deities
watching periodic tango
pop up dinners
global collaborations
in newer territories

without money pouring in
dreams rise and sell
feet forward, head backward
relishing lies of
gourmet journey



The deities are dumb
so they speak
louder and louder
vie with each other
for godhood
descend from mosque top
to Supreme Court
now await



the cup of remorse–
begging bowl
before the dumb deity
years of noisy silence



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  1. Enjoyed reading all the poems..

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