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.Ralph Angel’s latest collection, Your Moon, was awarded the 2013 Green Rose Poetry Prize. Exceptions and Melancholies: Poems 1986-2006 received the 2007 PEN USA Poetry Award, and his Neither World won the James Laughlin Award of The Academy of American Poets. In addition to five books of poetry, he also has published an award-winning translation of the Federico García Lorca collection, Poema del cante jondo / Poem of the Deep Song. For more, please visit http://ralphangel.com





Looking through trees strangely into nature.


A window, an air-conditioner, a wall covered with ivy.


The book on your lap. Your head tilted back.


Like handling cups or pennies, a shovel, a stone.


Like where an arm is found, or where the tangled limbs go.


A bookshop, a fruitstand. You wake up and there you are, and there you are.


“Do we have any cookies, or something nice?”


Toward the east outstretches the shadow. On the left a plywood lake.


Gods and horses playing in the fountain. A conch shell. A robe.


The swallows, the sandstorms, a pink fire in the clouds.


And the generator, the chain and the pulley. Unheard-of laughter and



The long exhalation. Of baskets and flutes.


Of bracken. Of reed. Of cypress and olive, pelvis and spine.

Three shoes on a doorstep. Of human unfinished.


The spirit in time.





So I took a walk

inside. You’re alone

when morning


Watching you sleep in

is better


than oatmeal,

even Irish


that thing you do

so well.


When you were a fish

you were a salmon.

I know, I’m

slow, I



November’s a nice day

to be. The ocean’s


Your fog





So I

talked to I, I said

f**k death, everyone

I meet knows



I know. I said

it’s nice to be happy,

but no one




Take your time,

my love. The logs have lit

the fire.

The sweet scent

of your hair



my mouth, and I

kiss you back,

and pour

the tea.




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