Puneet Kumar


Puneet Kumar is a poet, novelist and short story writer from India. He has written two novels and several short stories. “Area of darkness,” his next novel, is to be published soon. He loves reading, traveling and sharing life experiences in his writing.



On death bed-
My soul starts searching my past
Then I was a child
Love, affection, care, hope- all amalgamated

I scrolled to attain adolescence
Life taught me to come on sense-
Theft, burglary, sycophancy and lie
Taught me how to grow wise.

As honesty and loyalty evaporated
They called me a modern man
I had all happiness-in-life
Little to tell, Lots to hide

Achievements (of life)
Made me pride
To attain this side
People struggle for whole life.

My soul says to me
Though you have achieved in life a lot
It makes your life a blot
I opened my eyes…

I starved for humanity,
Honesty, Loyalty, Kindness, Warmth
Why does this soul survive?

Pleasure, Peace, Bliss
Hooting me on death bed
Worldly wise! -Spiritually Barren!



Time passes but memories remain
Often drags my attention to the portraits
Hanging on the hidden walls of memory…
Oscillating between pleasure and pain!

Pleasure is bundle of bubbles
Floating and Spreading smiles in air.

Pain- igniting fire of revenge inside
Not impossible, but difficult to tame

Time unfolds the truth
Again and again

Teaches how to survive
In summer and rain

Rain follows summer
Tries to wash the past
Somewhat succeeds?
Rest in vain.

Pleasure, Pain, summer, rain et al
Remind nothing to go in vain


The moonlit light moved up and down with surging waves
In the rich silence of night
Where I heard
Only the hissing sound of water behind my boat

The night was in its richest glow
Spreading all over its silvery light
Perhaps through which my Empress of night came
Sat near me as a coy bride

Fairer than my wishes
Richer than my kisses
Smother than my embraces
Pulls me nearer and nearer
Enlivens the whole night

Her soothing velvet touch
Lulled me asleep
I saw the whole world new
So real, so clean

I traveled for the whole night
In the tranquil trance of the lake
Angles might have guided my boat
And had left in morn at the end of the shore

I view the golden rays of the morn
So pleasant breeze
Oh! Every dream changed so soon
Indeed there was a magic in the night.



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