Peerzada Ghulam Ahmad “Mahjoor”: Translated by Huzaifa Pandit

Peerzada Ghulam


Peerzada Ghulam Ahmad (Kashmiri: غلام احمد (Nastaleeq)); 11 August 1887 − 9 April 1952), better known by the pen name Mahjoor (Kashmiri: مہجور (Nastaleeq)), was a poet of the Kashmir Valley, along with contemporaries, Zinda Kaul, Abdul Ahad Azad, and Dinanath Nadim. He is especially noted for introducing a new style into Kashmiri poetry and for expanding Kashmiri poetry into previously unexplored thematic realms.

Huzaifa Pandit



Huzaifa Pandit (MA, SET) was born and raised in Kashmir. He is pursuing a PhD on “Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Agha Shahid Ali and Mahmoud Darwish – Poetics of Resistance” at University of Kashmir. His poems, translations, essays and papers have been published in various journals like Indian Literature, PaperCuts, CLRI, Punch and Muse India. He is fond of Urdu poetry, Urdu and old Bollywood music.

(Translated from the original Kashmiri into English)




Must I suffer more?
I surrendered my peace to you.
Saaqi! Pour some wine for me
Pour into this wrecked heart
The murmur of love’s sad melody.

What law did the breeze smuggle
Into the garden at dawn?
The nightingale has a share
In every luxury
the blinded bat is only offered
scraps of stale misery.

The whirlpool roams day and night
To atone for its penury
When has the brimming river
Ever parted with a paltry drop
out of charity?

The days of pleading
Have lapsed into old staid history
A new day has dawned
They will rule
Who stand still and fight doggedly.

Passion boils paeans
in courage’s melody
Revolution is
dabbling in such mutinous alchemy.

My grandfather was peddled
Land and body
a few calligraphic words, a few copper coins
My wealth is forfeited, the bruised body remains
They slap me with a tax
For possession of this bleeding bounty.

They grin and grind the daggers of tyranny
On whetstones of vanity
One day the daggers shall slit
Tent-ropes of heedless slavery.

Nightingales will cast nets of melody
We’ll dance on carcasses of slavery.
What is the harm
If the roofs of ‘chosen few’
plummet into misery?

Their deity is selfishness
Hence, their grouse with our liberty
What will they answer
When they’re judged by posterity?

Give way! Out of our way
The enemy with evil eye
Sentinel over the withered garden
Of public prosperity.
Let me cure the fevered trees
The languid river flows again after an eternity.

The breeze tickles the roses,
While Mehjoor stirs hearts
They know neither
what virtue is, and what depravity.

غزل ۱

ساقیا بےتاب کورتھس چاوتم لولک شراب
تروتم غم گیں دلس منذ سوزکھ اضتراب

واوصبحک ژاو باغس ستیِ پانس کیاہ اوٗنن
بلبلن کیتُ عیش وراحت راتہ موغلن کیت عزاب

آولن ژوٗرپیالہ ہیتھ پھیران نژاں راتس دوہس
دیتُ نہ آسن وأنی دری تمٔس اکھ قطرہ آب

منگہء نک تے ذاروپارُک وقت گوٗنوٗودوآرو
یس مژھن منْز روزِ سُے وونی کامیاب

ولولا جوشا حبابا اِضترابا ہیِمتا
پیدہ گژھِ یامت دلن اندر تہُ سے گوو انقلاب

مےون بڈٰی بب مالوجانِ ہیِتھ ترامہِ پأسٔن کنٔہ نٔہ آو
مال ہورُم جان چھم باقی کڈاں اتھ چھم حِساب

لچھِ بدٔی لکھ باغ چھاوان گُل نوں بلُبل گون
کیاہ حرج کیژن ہندی خانِ یوٗد سپدن خراب

غرضِہ پنِہ نہِ یِم چھ ملکچہ آزآدی برخلاف
وقت یلیۂ ثأبت کرِیٔکھ پنہِ نین شریٔن کیاہ دِن جواب

یک طرف روز تراو اتھِ اے دشمنِ گلزارِ قوم!
ژچھُم کُلہن سگ و تناون سانہِ کولہِ ونی پھیور آب

واو اسناواں گلن ؔمہجور وزِناواں دِلَن
یِم زامَہِ نِش بےخبر کیاہ گوٗو گوٗنہہ کیاہ گوٗ ثواب


Some snippets from history.

Breeze, if you happen to pass by America
Convey our tale in brief
To the senators and united nations.

Say: the ‘Lord of our times’ pretended
He was our sole caretaker.
Our blood fattened his kin
While we begged for fictional rations.

The lordly trader was his ally
so none dared to confront him
Tigers in ferocious jungles trembled
At mere mention of his manliness.

Yet, a motley group raised a din
They slipped off their chains
Turned them in
Made light of Zahak’s* tyranny

No sooner did the trader quit
Our benefactor’s courage followed suit
Our neighbour alert to the opportunity
Claimed us as his rightful property.

Night fell, our ‘father’ fled
Never looked back, all concerns shed
We were thrown to dogs
All day and night we bled.

We lamented loud in helplessness
The sky wept,
mountains wept at our weakness.

A motley band fell from the torn sky.
Shouting slogans of sympathy
Promising us loyalty.
A tussle erupted in our house.
In the bargain we were beaten black and blue.

Outside, the roads were barricaded
Inside, everything came to standstill.
Our ‘benefactor’ left
The sky roared at us
No one was left to care for us.

One pledges allegiance to Pakistan,
Another rallies for integration with India
Between the two we went bust
We were ground to dust.

Would that someone’d convey
We desire nothing
But liberty from both claimants.
It is only fair
That we may be left alone.
The feast has come to an end.

Get them out, wouldn’t you
We wish them well
But we just don’t gel.
For riddance of this headache
We’d be much obliged to you.

Days have passed
And nights held captive by history.
You never intended well by us
We realize now, we confess.

How much longer
Will you test our resolve?
Satisfy yourself
The head may fall but never bow
The house of our hopes
Shall ever remain aglow.

غزل ۲

واوِ صبحکہِ یود ژِ واتک ملک امریکس ندرر
لیک سکس کونسلس منز حال سون وَن مختصر

وورِ مولاہ پانے اسہ بنیومت خانہِ دار
سانہِ رتہِ سِتی گوور چھاں پنہِ نین تہِ اسی روٗدی دربدر

اوس باپأریاہ تٔمس مدتس تَوے پوشس نہ کاہنہ
اہرمتیِ سندِستیِ وبسہ راںٔ اسی کم کم شیرِنر

ہیمُتک ہول گونڈ لکُو تم کاوِ آہن گرنبیاۓ
ڈیرہ گنڈنووکھ یتہ قصہ کورہس مختصر

یام ژول باپأری بب سون پست ہمت گوو سیٹھا
آے لاران سون گرِ ہمسایہ لولک شور وشر

وُیژپنن ہیتھ رات کیُت دراولوتہِ لوتہِ وورمول سون
أسی ژھنِن ہونین تہ ژول ترأوِن نہَ اَسہِ کُن پوت نظر

بے کسی ہندی سأنی آلو بُوزی بالَو سنگرو
آسمانن وود سیتھاا ھوو نیک اِنسان اثر

اَسہِ بچاوِنہ اکھ جماتھا آیہ لاراں آسمأنی
لتہِ مونجہ گییہ أسی سیٹھا دب لجٔ گھرس سأنس اندر

نیبرِ اوس وتہ کون گومت اندرِ موکلیو وکاروبار
بب تہِ ژول نب رُوٗدِ کھہہ نس سأنی حالت گییہ بتر

اکھ چھُ پاکستان وناں بیاکھا وناں وناں ہندوستان
یسہِ سَپُد فی الحال ڈأکستان یتھ مُلکس اندر

نجثتن اَسہِ ترأویتن ؤنی توکھ کیتُ تی چھُ جان
أسی کَرو پانَے ہکومت دعواتُتیے اوس موختصر

مُلکہِ منزِ کٔڈی توکھ یم
اسی سنبھالو گھرِ پنُن یم نیری تن سأری نبِر

دوہ کٔشی گیہ وقت لوٗگ تاریخ گردانی سَپز
اسی چھ وونی زانان توہہِ چھُو نتیس اندر کھوچر

غارتس سأنسِ کِرٔو تہی کوُت کالاہ امتحانأسی
أسی مَرَو؎ گأرس کھورنِ تل زاہنہ تہِ نوٗمراوَو نہ سَر


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