Mohamed Alkhair Ikleel



Mohamed Alkhair Ikleel is a Sudanse poet, novelist, and journalist. He has participated in many poetry events in the Sudan, Egypt, Qatar and Lebanon. He made his debut in 2009 with a poetry collection titled A Look at Africa. Forthcoming are a number of poetry collections, including When the Book Saw Me for the First Time, One Never Falls in Love Intentionally, The Tragedy of the Ego, I Congratulate you for the Tenth Time, and The Nile is with Me. Mohamed is an active member in numerous literary clubs and poetry groups. His poetry has been published in newspapers and both on-line and print magazines.

Mohamed Alkhair Ikleel’s poems are translated from the original Arabic into English by poet and translator Nizar Sartawi.

A Gathering

I left behind
every sigh of time
and I forgot the night of aches when my eyes
saw yours which were akin to the sea
in their deep compassion
You find me so inclined to dream
in the eyes of the moment
Words incite me but I resort
to eloquent silence
Bewildered passion affectionately
emerges for all to see
I felt… and safety prevailed
Yet I’m looking for safety

She’s Coming

Your purpose flows towards the heart
towards peace, visions and life
You come when love assembles
on the saddle of passion
an innocent beauty
where content and consent are in accord
You revive in me a secret
whose echo has reverberated aloud in my soul
And where greenery and jasmine meet
the magic of eyes was manifested
with glamor, generosity, purity
with all those waters
Oh how flowers and lovers glowed
At night a pleasant serenity prevailed
and little bird on the bank of the Nile
sang delightfully
The breeze blew, bringing the news
that she was coming
The butterflies said
let’s sense the coming of the beautiful and kind one
and the butterflies sang when they saw her
and said: rejoice, for she comes with pleasure
take us to the river
the nectar would like to speak
to her whom he hoped would be its guide
So fabulous is the meeting place
I due as I am the unfortunate happy lover
In my world and in the expanse
You will always remain a cloud that rains generously



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