Literature, Art and Cinema

We are excited to dedicate a special section to Literature, Art and Cinema in our journal to motivate writers and poets to share their works inspired by cinema and other forms of art.

In 2014, “Literature and Art of Cinema” an experimental workshop was held at the “Silent River Film Festival” in Irvine and Beverly Hills to provide  writers and filmmakers an opportunity to come together to share their visions, and explore possibilities to write literature inspired by films. A video presentation of that workshop here is just an example to learn, how an art form can make an impact on us and inspire to write literature the very same way it is written conventionally.

We encourage writers and poets to submit literature inspired by art, cinema, cultures, disciplines and other critical studies that reflects core human values.

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Academy award winning actor Louis Gosett Jr. at the Silent River Film Film Festival with poet and filmmaker Kalpna Singh-Chitnis

 To check out the works of participating writers and poets at “Literature and Art of Cinema” workshop CLICK HERE.

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