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Kursheed Hayat is an eminent story writer, novelist and poet of Urdu literature from Gaya, Bihar, India, now living in Bilaspur, working for the Indian Railway. Khursheed has been writing since 1974, and has received several acclaims for his works, including honor from the Governor of Bihar, India, for the year 1985 & 1986 at the Asian seminar. His short story “Toofan se Pahle aur Toofan ke Baad ” (Before and After the Storm) is included in the syllabus of Guru Ghasi Das Central University, Bilaspur since 2004. His story “Paanch Ungliyan” (Five Fingers) is also included in “Aaj Ki Urdu Kahani” (Modern Urdu Stories) an anthology of short stories in Urdu, published by Bhartiya Gyanpeeth in 2014. Several Urdu magazines have done special edition on Khursheed Hayat. AIDS (2000) and SOORAJ ABHI JAAG RAHA HAI (2004) are the most popular anthologies of short stories by Khursheed Hayat.


یہ نشانی کس کی ہے ؟

آسمان غبارے کی طرح اڑ گیا
سورج پتنگ کی طرح تا ڑ پر آ لٹکا
چاند کا نام و نشان مٹ گیا
زمین تانبے کی ہو گئی
سارا شہر مردہ ہو گیا
کہتے ہیں یہ نشانی قیامت کی ہے
ایک دن میں نے دیکھا خواب میں
آسمان کو لہراتے نیلے دوپٹتے کی طرح
چاند کو چمکتے ہیرے کی طرح
سورج کو دمکتے سونے کی طرح
زمین کو سات رنگین قالین کی طرح
انسان کو ہنستے زندگی کی طرح
بتاؤ یہ نشانی کس کی ہے ؟



The sky flew like a balloon,
and the Sun hung like a kite from a tree,
The moon lost its existence,
when the earth turned copper,
and the entire city died.
It is said that,
this is the day of judgement.
But one day, I had a dream
of sky flying like a blue veil and…
the moon like a piece of sparkling diamond,
the sun like a dot of glistening gold,
and the earth like a carpet of rainbow colors
with people on it, like happy faces of life,
Tell me, what sign is this?



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