Farouk Banjar



Farouk Banjar is a Saudi poet, writer and educator. He was born in the holy city of Makka in 1949. He has a bachelor’s degree in Arabic Language literature and a master’s degree in Education Management from the University of Oklahoma in the US. In 1998 he made his debut with a collection of poetry titled A time for the Morning of the Heart. Banjar has participated in numerous poetry readings, festivals, and forums in and outside Saudi Arabia. He has also played an active role in organizing many literary conferences, cultural occasions, book fairs, and other activities in Saudi Arabia. In 1215 he served as a member of the Ministry of Culture and Information committee in preparing the rules and regulation pertaining to literary clubs in Saudi Arabia. Banjar has contributed remarkably in the field of education. He has authored and published a number of books, articles, and research papers. He has also participated in many educational committees and teachers’ conferences and in the preparation of educational courses for teachers of various educational stages.

Farouk Banjar poems are translated from the original Arabic into English by poet and translator Nizar Sartawi.


Butterflies around
the lamps
A song for the evening
moistened with chrysanthemums
Melodies of lashes
on two seats
on the bank of the water
A whisper between
two branches
entwined in a hug
A weeper
on the eve
of the day she’d longed for
whose toast
is the wine
of her moment
The young man
lays his head
on her breeze
in the wet evening
an evening that utters its cloud
in the jiffies of the place

The Evening of Roses

In the evening of roses
her touch
so delicate
that whispers
from her sweet mouth
were scented
and then she spoke
and in her tenderness
she brightened
as poetry
the wine of drunkenness
of her heart


And her steps
the respirations
of her coming
the land played the tune
of her fragrant breeze



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