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Farah Siddiqui is a research scholar pursuing her Ph.d from the University Of Allahabad, India.  She has recently composed a complete collection of poetry titled “The Bliss Of Solitude,” a maiden book that was inaugurated on 25th of May 2014 in Delhi. Farah Siddiqui’s poetry brings out a bold voice born from her conscious mind towards the socio-cultural scene in today’s age. Society’s discrimination against women is echoed strongly in her poems. Her poetry could be categorized as feminist poetry, addressing the issues of women in various roles in society. Her poems emphasize an increasing social awareness and self-realization, claiming a woman’s place in her political and social reality. Farah believes that life is a magnificent creation of ours, good or bad by our own definition. Her hobbies include composing poetry, reading novels and writing short stories. She loves watching movies, attending conferences, and visiting historical places with her friends.




Love – a captivating four letter words
So dominant, to rule the whole World
Sentiments are highly pure, deep and intense
That Heart feels delighted with Someone’s presence.
The intact aura changes within a moment
And the fondness extends and elated like a scent.
The Souls enraptured to be in each other’s arms
And the entire dilemma ends like a soothing balm.
Let others curse me, now I don’t care.
Love is my Eden, with feelings that is rare
I desire to be in this Eden, ever and ever
With immense faith, Love and fervor.
Now please don’t proceed to disturb me,
And please do not exert to unnerve me.
Right now I am at the safest place
Beyond any province, religion, or race.
In love, the ambiance is so divine and calm.
With each breath, the two gets warmth.
The souls are extremely excited to become one
And all the worries and stress are ready to shun.
Love desired to be intimate and encircled
As it pacify the thirst that is impeccable.
Now do not wake me, Let me die!
Let me die in these innocent eyes
As I have attained everything in these loving sphere;
As Love is with me, so I don’t care.
I met my Love, my Confidant and my Heaven
And my deserted life has changed into a Garden
Time is reducing so make it fast,
Life is full of tragedies in vast.
If we become one from two, then no one can cheat
As we are the dictators of Love, it’s difficult to defeat.
I am all yours and this I can assure.
I will lead all your worries and sufferings to cure.
I love you and will Love you from my Heart.
You are within me, and you are my part.
Just walk beside me, hand in hand
And you will find me, wherever you stand.
Now the World seems so lovely, just like the heavens above,
Because everywhere there is Love and Love and Love.


A Modern Utopia

I dream to build my own Kingdom
I aspire to direct it with my own Wisdom
There will be no politician, Queen or King,
It will be a special place, with happiness ruling,
It will be a foremost spot, where mortals can reside,
Where the ambience will be covered with harmony that remind
Of the beauty and comfort of Garden of Eden
Where our miseries and melancholy do get ridden
Where people will settle and move ahead to reform,
Where joy and ecstasy will sparkle in every form.
Where Man will dwell with love in the bosom,
Where the air will bring an essence of Love that will blossom.
This will be a bestowal and a great treasure,
And will provide others, the utmost pleasure.
It’s imperative for them to be in equality
So that their lives are soothed with tranquility.
There will be no hatred here and no estrangement,
All individuals will thrive in merriment.
I hate when persons do conspiracy
When there is no joy or constancy.
It’s detestable when they get demonic,
As a result their lives become horrific.
Such dreadful behavior cannot be condoned
Or our inner soul can never be consoled.
No rich, no poor but all are human creature
Love, peace and joy should be their nature.
I yearn to go and live on that land
Which is shielded with Love and Justice as it stand.
I would like to collect all the moments that I spend,
And then my Heart will overflow with peace and contentment.


My Other God

Everyone wishes for a Paradise
But, regarding this, let God decide.
You look after your Earthly Paradise,
The beautiful place where you reside.
It is at the feet of your Mother,
Who is so caring, that there can be no other.
It’s in the blessings of your noble father,
The finest person on earth, along with your mother.
Spend your life for the sake of your Parents.
As an outcome you’ll never face any predicament.
You shower them with devotion, as they are now old.
But once upon a time for them, you were their world.
Never exert to humiliate them
Or it would become a cause of shame.
Such an act from you, they cannot endure
And your life turns to be the Hell, it is for sure
Mother is the other name of God
Then how can you hurt her without any fault?
As she had delivered you and brought you to this World
And she had nurtured you when the Life was tough.
Father – what we can say about this noble man
Who consistently protects you all the way he can
He has given you his identity and provided you a name
He has dedicated his life to you and brought you to fame.
Parents caress you when you are weak
They guide you when you are meek
They lose their sleep, when you desire to sleep
Then how can you change, with mentality so cheap.
You can be the finest support for your family.
You can reciprocate their Love very loyally.
Then, off course your life would be Heavenly
Thus! Mark a note, this will occur seriously…




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  1. Every second person is writing poem, and there are few who could rhyme without maligning the theme in it. I can see here this quality maintained throughout. Exquisite work!!

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