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Dennis Maloney is the editor and publisher of the widely respected White Pine Press in Buffalo, NY. He is also a poet and translator. His works of translation include: The Stones of Chile by Pablo Neruda, The Landscape of Castile by Antonio Machado, Between the Floating Mist:Poems of Ryokan, and The Poet and the Sea by Juan Ramon Jimenez. A number of volumes of his own poetry have been published including The Map Is Not the Territory: Poems & Translations and Just Enough. His book of Yosano Akiko translations, Tangled Hair, was published in 2012 by Palisades Press.


From Windows


Drapes open,

previously hidden

vistas emerge

and crowd the

window frame

The snowy roofline

on a nearby house

and the complicated

branch patterns

in the crowns

of adjacent trees


A window of light


the dense forest

and a clearing

of insubstantial boundaries

changes everything

opening the heart

from one to another

Without clear edges

there is no need

for walls or windows


Looking through

a train window

I see my face

as an outcrop of rock

A dancing place

of the elements

wearing off in

a smooth dust


He plants millet and rice

but harvests only dust.

No rain falls and

his daughter wonders

at that gnawing absence

replacing her stomach,

and gets sick eating leaves.

Three days walk

in search of food

but he finds only dust.

Dust of earth, of sky,

dust in the clothes,

face, the parched throat.

He inhabits

a house of dust without

doors or windows.


Outside wind hollows

down the streets

past the former mansions

of the rich – now long gone

Inside the yoga


opens the innermost

window of the heart

just a crack


This morning I mistook

the sky for an ocean

in the windshield

a surreal vision

of blues and aquamarines

streaming in aqueous vision

framed by a shore

of shadowy dark mountains

snow articulating the

folds and wrinkles

suddenly I am back on the

interstate driving west

from Cheyenne, Wyoming






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