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Co-founder of the Mystic Boxing Commission, Daniel Yaryan is a poet, writer, graphic designer and event producer. He founded Sparring With Beatnik Ghosts, resurrected Poetry Festival Santa Cruz in 2012 and was regarded by the late Los Angeles poet Wanda Coleman as “one of the new generation of poetry mavens.” Yaryan is a devout disciple of the late poet William Everson (AKA Brother Antoninus, the “Beat Friar.”) and he lives in Santa Cruz, California with his daughter Hannah and son Andy. Go to www.facebook.com/MysticBoxingCommission or www.beatnikghosts.com for more info.




America tries too hard to love
Pimp push cart
From door to door

Divine pedestal
Permeating in the
Pituitary relays of pedal-to-the-metal
Culture peons

Starry eyed
Blue balled
Red faced
And white-striped spines
Immune to public affection

Transfixed with opportunism
Whether they’re raising the flag
or burning it

The revolution of love
Must come first!
Can you say “love” again?
Meaningful, conscious
No gloss, selfless art
Of love – unrestrained
Say it again!

Banished from the pearly gates
of bling baited bonds.

Kind love
Devoid deceit
No receipt
Many times removed from the
land-of-the-wicked type of love

In the blood,
not lust for blood-and-jugular, power love

Brain love, soul love
Show love
Outside the superficial shelves of cliché love

The revolution of love
Must come first!
Stay with it forever
Love defines the future.




Once a youth

A Boy Scout

Believe it?

I had one broken arm in cast,

in sling,

hiking beside San Lorenzo River,

Santa Cruz mountains,

with father

carrying me across the river,

feeling the vibration of his Red Wings

upon stony marvels,


from crackling ripples


back in the day,

when the river flowed,

we’d go almost 12 miles,

one morning,

through redwoods,

leaving the most indelible impression

top of mind,



merit badge someplace

in box



to be found


modern time,

despite current-day river – dry

phantasmal waters keep pouring forth




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