Jawaid Danish: Translated by Varsha Singh

Jawaid Danish


Eminent Poet, Playwright, Translator and Theatre personality Jawaid Danish is a recipient of the Civics Arts Award (Canada) Shiromani Sahitya Award (India) South Asian Theatre Festival Award(s) and most recently The Prestigious Ghalib Award (India) and International Drama Award Doha-Qatar. He is the author of 13 Books in Urdu. An M. Phil has been done on his diasporic plays at the Delhi University. He is the Artistic Director of Rangmanch-Canada. He lives in Toronto and has recently produced a Telefilm Bara Shayer Chota Aadmi.

Varsha Singh



Varsha Singh (M.A, M.Phil., Ph.D.) is an Independent Researcher, Poet, Translator and Editor from Jharkhand. She studied English Literature at Vinoba Bhave University, Jharkhand and Indian School of Mines, (now IIT-Dhanbad) Jharkhand. Her published books include Deluges: A collection of poems, 2014, (Authorspress), Unbangled and other Poems, 2015, (Authorspress), Bhor –A Collection of Hindi Poems, 2016 (Authorspress), The Midnight’s Grandchildren: Articulating the Postmodern Spirit in English Fiction of India, 2017, (Authorspress). She has been widely featured in several journals, books and magazines for her research articles and poems.



If you adore me with all your heart my love
Inhale my warmth into your breath
Hum my melodies on your lips
Let me be the light in your eyes
Hold me safe in your prayers
Release me from the chains of day and night
Rejuvenate me in your embrace
Renew my life with your faith
Twist and wring me
with the tender soil of your heart
Transcreate me
In an image which is neither you nor me
Without silent tears of sorrows past
Or the buoyant bursts of joy
A brightness, a refrain, as if life itself
Like time has stood still
As if a sweet tune from behind the mountains
Like a light melody from a distant flute
As if a soft drizzle moistens the air
You gaze at me
I gaze at you
In this journey of life
From the origin till the end
As if nothing
has happened as yet
I have just awakened … !!!

مجھے اک شکل دے دو

مجھے گر چاھتی ہو دل سے جا ناں
مجھے سا نسوں میں اپنی گرم رکھو –
مججھے ہو نٹوں پہ اپنے راگنی دو ‘
مجھے آنکھو ں میں اپنی روشنی دو ‘
مجھے سجدوں میں اپنے بند گی دو ‘
مجھے اپنی فضا میں تا زگی دو ‘
مجھے اپنی وفا میں زندگی دو ‘
مجھے دن رات رات کی سب بیڑ یوں سے پاک کر دو ‘
مجھے تو ڑو مڑوڑو دل کی اپنی نرم مٹی سے ‘
نئ اک شکل دے دو ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔
اک ایسی شکل جو میری نہ تیری ‘
نہ جس میں غم کے آنسو ‘
خو شی کی بدلی بارش ‘
اک ایسی روشنی اور راگنی اور زند گی بس ۔۔۔۔
کہ جیسے وقت سا را تھم گیا ہو ‘
کوي نغمہ کسی پر بت کے پیچھے ‘
کوي ہلکی سریلی با نسری کی تا ن جیسے ‘
فضا میں پھوار سی کم کم پڑی ہو ‘
مجھے تم دیکھتی ہو –
تمہیں میں دیکھتا ہوں ‘
سفر سب ز ند گی کا ‘
ازل سے اور ابد تک ‘
ہوا کچھ بھی نہی ہے ‘
ابھی آ نکھیں کھلی ہیں ۔۔۔۔۔۔ !


Note: Translated by Varsha Singh, in collaboration with the poet.