Death of Civilization and Incarnation of Poetry

KalpnaHeadshots_0217Life and Legends #2 is here and I’m very excited to deliver this to all of you. 2014 was a phenomenal year. “Silent River Film and Literary Society” was able to launch “Life and Legends” in June, and we hosted the “Silent River Film Festival” for the fourth year in a row, sharing our platform with the writers, poets and filmmakers from 18 countries, bringing them together to share their literature, art and cinema, to inspire great works, exchange meaningful dialogues and much more.

As a new magazine and being a non-profit, we had challenges of our own. But it didn’t stop us from putting together two amazing issues rich in content, expanding our readership in 50 countries this year only, publishing many prominent writers and poets from across the world and creating opportunities for many new promising writers.

Our aim is to create a bridge between east and west, not only by sharing the literature that is being written in English, but other languages as well, side by side with their English translations. We have only enriched ourselves by understanding the importance and relevance of what is being written on the other side of the world, and by sharing them in Life and Legends, available to the global community of readers and writers.

Personally, I have struggled with the idea of one’s role in stopping what threatens the voice of a creative individual. From the age of renaissance to the modern age, if history only repeats itself, are we preparing ourselves to go back to the stone age by producing all what is capable of eliminating a civilization and reducing everything to dust that brings glory to mankind? Wars, genocides, poverty, discrimination and fear of losing ourselves to the unknown is no longer a plague but a cancer that is eating all of us from within, not knowing how many days we have left before the voice of a poet is dead, art is assassinated and freedom to expression is archived as an object in some museum. Or is the renaissance again possible, and very soon, without us allowing the history to chronologically repeat itself, taking us back to the stone age? Is the solution to all the worries of mankind out there, where we have been looking now for ages, or is it within, where we choose to go last? We plan to discuss all these at Life and Legends, in our poetry and stories. And if the death of our civilization is imminent, it must re-incarnate in our poetry, and we must share this hope in our stories and essays, films and videos, music and meditations.

I want to thank all writers and poets who have contributed to the winter issue of Life and Legends. My very special thanks to Jennifer Reeser, our contributing guest editor and a friend, who has taken almost half the load of putting this magazine of  Biblical Proportions together, with whom we share all our success and pride. I also want to thank Margaret Saine, Rachel McCallum and Athina Merkouris for their contributions and support.

Last but not least, our tribute to whom we have lost this year; who made a great impact on our world through their literature and art. They contributed from where they belonged to, but shared all that they wrote and created with the rest of the world.

Nadine Gordimer, Nabarun Bhattacharya, Marc Strand, Claudia Emerson, Carolyn Kizer, Nina Cassian, Galway Kinnell, Diann Blakely, Tomaz Salamun you will be dearly missed.

Best wishes for a happy and prosperous new year! May 2015 inspire great things.

Kalpna Singh-Chitnis

Editor-in-Chief – Life and Legends
December 29th, 2014