Roxanne Brousseau Félio

Life and Legends#3 Final
Summum Bonum
This artwork was designed from a feeling, I wanted to evoke. An inner contemplation merging with the outer experience of the sacred living moment. With eyes closed, senses awakened, something intangible is revealed.

The source. A spaciousness. Nature revealed from nature. The all-encompassing gathering of universal truth.

Living in communion from a resonance that raises the frequency of connectivity, a spiritual practice that reminds one of setting intentions whereby one masters excellence to achieve the highest good.

~ Roxanne Brousseau Félio

BIO – Born in Ottawa, Canada, Roxanne Brousseau Félio, lived in the USA for 10 years between Texas and Los Angeles working in the Film/Television Production Industry. She received her Master’s degree in Educational Media Technology from Texas A&M University and B.Ed. and B.A. in Communications and Teacher Education from the University of Ottawa.

After several years of teaching and mentoring students, she co-authored a book The Young Civil Engineer while facilitating Art Factory, an outreach program for home schoolers to explore art and resources. She mentored students through her own company called YKM, Inc. (Youth Knowledge Management) empowering them to produce their own Multiple Intelligences student portfolios. She began pursuing art in 2007. She is represented by LACDA (The Los Angeles Center for Digital Art) where she has exhibited her artwork.

Her talents are varied and lend themselves to a specialty in the areas of Media Communications, Fine Arts, Education and Technology. More about Roxanne Brousseau Félio at –