Bimlesh Tripathi : Translated by Kalpna Singh-Chitnis

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Born in Harnathpur village of Baksar, Bihar, India, Bimlesh Tripathi is a new age Hindi poet and storywriter. He received his education at the Presidency college, Calcutta, and enrolled in a research there. He is known for his poetry collections – “Ek Desh Aur Mare Hue Log”, “Ham Bache Rahenge” , “Kavita Se Lambi Udasi” and collection of his short stories “Adhure Ant Ki Shuruaat”. He awards and honors include – Gyanpeeth Navlekhan Puruskar, Sutra Samman and Uva Shikhar Samman.


Kalpna Grey ScaleBIO

Kalpna Singh-Chitnis is a bilingual American poet of Indian descent. Author of the “Bare Soul” (a poetry collection in English) and three poetry collections in Hindi, she won the prestigious “Bihar Rajbhasha Award” (1986-87) given by the government of Bihar, India, for her first poetry collection “Chand Ka Paivand” (Patch of Moon), and the title of ‘Bihar Shri’ (Jewel of Bihar) in 1988. She also received “Rajiv Gandhi Global Excellence Award” in 2014 in New Delhi, for her contributions to literature and film at national and international levels. Kalpna’s literary work has been widely published in the Indian Subcontinent, Europe and North America. She is the creator and editor of “Life and Legends” literary journal . In 2014, she was nominated for “Honor of Yeast Litterarie” by Levure litteraire magazine in Paris, France. More about Kalpna Singh-Chitnis at –


(Poems translated from the original Hindi into English by Kalpna Singh-Chitnis )


साथ रहो सिर्फ तुम

फूल की एक पंखुड़ी से बना सकता हूँ गुलदस्ता

आकाश में एक तारा
काफी है पूरी रात अंजोर के लिए
एक बीज से पूरे खेत में
उग सकते हैं असंख्य गेंहूँ के पौधे
एक अक्षर भर से
लिख सकता हूँ महाकाव्य

उम्र का एक कतरा
जिंदा रह सकता है असंख्य नक्षत्र वर्षों तक

कोई ईश्वर नहीं
साथ रहो सिर्फ तुम आँगन की ताख पर
मिट्टी के पुराने दिये की तरह
और मेरी कवितायेँ जिंदा


Only You Stay Along

With one petal of a flower, I can create a bouquet

one single star can light
the entire night sky,

one seed can grow countless rows of
wheatgrass in a field,

with one word
I can write an epic,
one sliver of life can live for
an endless light years,

there is no God
just you, stay along,
like a worn off Diya* made of clay,
lit on the ledge of the courtyard
and my poems alive,
that’s all…!


चुप हो जाओगे एक दिन जब

चुप हो जाओगे एक दिन
जब बोलते-बोलते तुम
तब यह पृथ्वी अपने चक पर रुक जायेगी
हवा में जरूरी ऑक्सीजन लुप्त
और दुनिया से हरियाली आलोपित हो जायेगी

फूलों का खिलना बंद होगा
चिड़ियों के गीत जज्ब हो जायेंगे
समय के पंजे में
एक बहुत पुराना गीत होठों पर आकर बार-बार
फिसल जाएगा

और सदियों से लिखी जा रही
एक जरूरी कविता अधूरी छूट जायेगी।


The Day You Will Become Silent

The day you will become silent and
speak no more,
that day the earth will stop revolving on its axis,
oxygen essential to air will disappear and
greenery from the earth will vanish

flowers will stop blooming and
the songs of the birds will be confiscated
in the claws of time,
a very old song will slip off
after appearing on the lips everytime and

a poem being written for centuries
shall never be completed.



*Diya is an oil lamp made of clay.


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