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Born in the island of Cyprus and living in Western Australia, poet and writer Athina Merkouris is a graduate from Bentley College in Perth. She is a freelance writer and a blogger featured in many online magazines and print media. She is also a film critic at Film and Festival Reviews magazine and an associate editor of Life and Legends.

Athina, who is also a fashion designer specializing in bridal and evening gowns, had the opportunity to work with fashion icon Ruth Tarvydas, and now provides her expertise to the bridal boutiques in Perth.


River of Dreams

Born of truth and wisdom, a warrior speaks her mind.
Words from the soul, become a poem every time.
To seek the shelter, find the rain.
Immerse your happiness, heal your pain.

Destiny calls you, loud and clear.
The Goddess whispers, for all to hear.
Secret gardens blossom, as they brighten up your day.
So that the Silent River, may gently find its way.

Toward the ocean, that has been a friend.
A journey begun, will have no end.
Spotlight shines, and lights up the sky.
River angels, spread their wings and fly.

Connecting the world, to join as one.
The making of history, has just begun.
We will always remember, not just the words spoken.
But the deeds worth doing, without a promise broken.

Standing tall, reaching for the sky.
Take a moment, and be proud to fly.
Beyond the boundaries, fearless and brave.
River of hope, rides the wave.

Dreams stay awake, just to see the dawn.
Where creative vision, has been reborn.
Sail to freedom, where voices are heard.
And echoes of hope, give the final word.


Seeking Light

Seek the sword of truth, let denial be swept away.
A tidal wave appears, to cleanse your cloud of grey.

The raging storm approaches, give yourself to its wrath.
The punishment of darkness, shall lead to freedoms path.

Contemplating, searching, the journey of your soul.
Find the strength and courage, before the burden takes its toll.

Release the slave within, that has trapped you in a cage.
Rewrite with words of love, beginning with this page.

Reappraise the blurring view, that has led you to this place.
Fear shall be your friend, held in your arms embrace.

The challenge is ahead, a mountain climb so steep.
Place your hand in mine, and watch for dragging feet.

Sifting through the sand, cutting through the grain.
Heal the wounded heart, that cannot bare the pain.

Standing still within the mist, with the shadow of alone.
The gift of life is yours, guard it like a precious stone.

Close your eyes and dream, while falling from the sky.
The light will guide you safely, for you were born to fly.


Six degrees of separation, somehow we all connect….A place in time with
synchrony, inspires a mystical effect….Linking souls to one another,
dimensional in space….Just like entering a crowded room, and seeing a
familiar face….Be it fate or destiny, coincidence or chance….Take
courage and invite, a stranger for a dance….A meeting of the eyes, hands
to touch and hold….The greatest of love stories, have often remained
untold….A fleeting glance or feeling, can make a head to turn….Fire
breathes a warm embrace, igniting flame to burn….No rhyme or reason can
explain, the secret symbols of your name….Stars are smiling, as you take
the leap….Towards the ocean, that beckons deep….Eyes are locked,
instinctive view….Prayers are answered, wishes come true….Heaven sent,
or just a dream….Eclipsing heart, on moonlit stream….Night falls
peacefully, and awaits the sign….The universe spins, and the planets
align….A precious moment, will always remain….Glistening in the sun,
while dancing in the rain.



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  1. Georgia Antartis

    I am so proud of you – wow what amazing accomplishments! Plus raising a family and being a wife (which is hard enough) you truly are inspirational Athina – I wish you all the best in life! ps I really love ‘Seeking Light’ just beautiful x

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