Annabelle Moseley


Annabelle Moseley is an award-winning American poet and writer, born and raised on the North Shore of Long Island.  Author of nine books, first Walt Whitman Birthplace Writer-in-Residence, and 2014 Long Island Poet of the Year, Moseley is a Lecturer at St. Joseph’s College in New York.  Her newest collection is a double volume of poetry: A Ship to Hold The World and The Marionette’s Ascent.


Artifacts of Sound


I brush back the earth from these words

that surface from the ground of me

with unexpected tile and bone—

bits of loam still clinging to the poems

that wait to form.

Newborn as a fossil, handed down,

this waiting skeleton of sounds.

I loom above them, the archaeologist—

working sometimes with a shovel—

then a trowel, or a brush.

This time, what the dig reveals

are terms like scale and tone and chord.

I hear them the moment I sweep back

the last layer of dust from this soul’s trench.

It is all the music my ear has held within its arc—

the flow of flutes, the rush of violins—

guitar trills, drum’s pulse, piano’s flight.

It is the rock, baroque, and classic piece—

the horn, the hum, the cry, the shift, the drone—

with artifacts of cadence in between.


Still Life


The still-life is an art unto itself:

how to arrange bruised fruit, flowers and vase

in complementary patterns on the shelf

where they’ll be studied.  There are countless ways

to drape a sheet behind the objects, turn

the light to catch a shadow.   Even though

you have passed on, there is still life.  I learn

from your best teachings, watch each image grow

in depth and value.  I arrange, alone,

the allegory I will paint: a leaf,

a watch, an empty glass, other things known

as relics of impermanence.  Relief

between these brush strokes is a bitter bliss:

Your stilled life shook us all— your work persists.



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