Amata Natasha Goldie


Amata Natasha Goldie is a poet, artist and a natural health practitioner from Australia, living in Portugal. Educated at Edith Cowan University in Perth and Central Metropolitan College of Arts, Amata is best know for her book “The Golden Thread”, that is a collection of practical and metaphysical wisdom, sourced from contemporary geniuses. It is a living entity created out of love and humility with the intention to uplift and awaken readers. Amata poems have appeared in many journals and her works of art have been widely recognized in Australia and other parts of the world.


The Return

I am your robe of passion
Wear me and return
To the seed of creation
That birthed you

Discard the confines of routine
Come dance now
In the moonlight
And be as the magnificence
Of the stars,
Once again

Let me undress the identity of your  bondage
Let me carry you, naked
Into the jewel of remembrance
We shall bask there
Our petals open, bare

I am your song
When you have forgotten how to sing
Come and sway with me
In the eternal sound of silence
Let us meet there

Come beloved
Rest you life-weary head in my hands
Let me be your alchemist
Let my breath become your heartbeat
So you may pulse in oneness
Once again


One Sacred Essence

Mountains formed and volcanoes erupted,
Because of our love,
This quivering of inner devotion,
This divine ascent into time long forgotten,
Now remembered again, as vibrational whispers,
Pulsing with pure intent

Of Love,
And destiny’s’ longing to fulfill itself,
To align the Beloved with her Beloved,
To sing unto the night sky
And know that this love shall reach you,
Upon awakening

One world, two hemispheres,
Twixt upon time,
Past meets present,
Where the divination of the future unfolds,
And inner smiles behold, tender kisses,
Sprinkled upon your lips and mine

Planted as star seedlings
Within a new galaxy,
Nourished with the chords of our hearts,
Together, re-birthing, a symphony
As though a composer has arranged,
This planetary composition

That unites two beings,
As One sacred essence


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